Thursday, 20 August 2009

Me and my boy

Since coming back from holiday, Cara and I have made it a daily task to walk the dog. I know it's awful, but when we are at work - and especially in the winter - there are times when he doesn't get a walk, or at best, a short pop round the block (he is never on his own though - he gets dropped to H's parents on a daily basis and then collected each afternoon!). Anway, we follow the same route each day and he gets a 50 minute and 2 mile walk in that time.

Today, because I went into work early, his walk had to wait till this evening. When H got home, Cara was playing out the front, so it was just me and my boy. I can't remember the last time it was just the two of us! It started off fine - especially not having to push Cara in the pushchair up the big hill we start off on. After a while though, I got bored! How bizarre! Normally Cara and I chatter away to each other. We might sing or play eye spy or just have a little chat, but tonight none of that. I certainly wasn't expecting to feel that way and it kind of took me by surprise a little.

Another thing that surprised me is that by not pushing the pushchair, we completed the walk 10-15 minutes quicker than what we normally do. Proves my pickle is a lump!! Bless her.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Another day

spent not doing very much at all :-)

We walked the dog first thing, before it got too hot, then we trundled off to Bluewater. Cara was treated to the new Peppa Pig phonics toy to try and help her learn her alphabet and I treated myself to far too much lovely stationary in Paperchase. We then headed to Nanny and Grandad's house where we chilled out for a while before going swimming.

"Do ring a ring a roses" Cara told me, so I did - throwing her up in the air and catching her at the end. "Do it to Nanny" she told me. I passed on that one!

When we got home we spent a bit of time in the garden before walking to the park. Little Miss Lazy Bones wanted to get the bus home (two stops!) - I must say though, I didn't argue!

She played out the front for a bit and then bedtime. Bliss.

A-Level results day tomorrow. I must admit to being both a little excited as well as nervous. I shall be in school, so will get to see how they all have done.

Oh - and the car should be ready some time next week. Happy days all round :-)

Long time no blog

The summer seems to be passing by so quickly. I actually return to work two weeks tomorrow. Eek.

As you can probably tell, I failed on the photo a day thing. I'm not beating myself up about it. It reached the point where it was a chore more than something to enjoy and when Cara fell asleep in the evenings, I would be thinking 'What can I take a photo of?' That wasn't what it was meant to be like! I managed a photo a day for the whole of 2008, so it's not a big deal.

So...the summer. We haven't done too much at all. Last summer we zoomed here, there and everything. Doing so much. When the summer holiday comes, it's almost as though I panic about looking after Cara and so try to spend as much time out of the house as possible. This year has been so so different though. She has a new favourite thing to do. We have a large grass area at the front of our house - as you go out of our door, you have our steps, then a path that runs in front of all the houses then this grass area. She and all the other local children have taken to playing out there. A few weeks ago I suggested she take the picnic blanket out with some of her toys. We haven't looked back since. The children - who range in age from about 8 years to 3 years - love it. They play so nicely together and get along so well. It is even at the point where they will knock and say 'Is Cara playing?' I sit on the doorstep and supervise - sometimes I read the paper, sometimes I might play on my DS, sometimes I just sit. At the start of the holiday I hated it - I was still in work mode and was tetcy - thinking 'I should be doing something', but now, I just chill! I supply drinks, ice lollies. Yesterday, three of them shared two big bowls of fruit all cut up. Cara went out with a little prepacked bowl we got in Tesco. "You can have the bits I don't like" she told one little boy. So I did them a separate bowl! 'Go and check with mummy first' you can hear me telling them 'just incase it's near dinner time'.

The summer is just whizzing by and although we haven't done anything, I think Cara is loving it and I feel just so relaxed (although I still have a pile of marking and preparation to do!) I did manage to go into work earlier this week and sort my new office out. At least that feels ready. I really don't want to go back - not just because I go back on my birthday, lol - but because I don't want to be the new of the Faculty. Urgh. I'm not even going to go there. I can already feel a black cloud looming. So, on that note, over and out.

Oh - and no word on my poor little car yet. Nothing. Not a word.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Day 10 - Saturday 1st August 2009

I heard H go out the front door at about 7am and then a few minutes later, knock on the door. I gave a sigh and began dragging myself out of bed, when I heard the front door open and him call out "Di get dressed, come and look at the car, someone's smashed right into it." I threw a top on over my pyjamas and went to look. He was right. Someone had smashed right into it.

A few years ago we paid a lot of money for a decent car. About a year down the line, the head gasket went. We paid to have it mended. Then something else went wrong, then something else, then something else. We bit the bullet and got rid of it and ended up having a lot of cheap'ish cars that we looked after as best we could. Finally , last year, we bought my father in laws car from him. Low mileage, well looked after. A fair bit of money. A few months ago, the head gasket started to go. We paid someone to put a new one in, but it didn't do the trick, so we said "you know what...we both work hard, lets treat ourselves and buy a new car." So we paid a lot of money to buy a 3 year old car. This is it. We just don't seem to have any luck with cars.

On a positive note though, three separate people have knocked on our door and told us the registration of the car that did it (10.30pm on Friday night) that didn't bother to stop and where they live. Needless to say, I've passed the information on to the police. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Day 9 - Friday 31st July 2009

This afternoon H and I went to the cinema. By ourselves. The first time in about 4 years. We saw The Taking of Pelham 123, which was okay. When we got home Cara played out the front and it was only as I was going to bed that I realised I had forgotton to take a photo. This was one of the reasons I gave up my PAD project - the feeling of 'having' to take a photo and in the end taking a 'snap' before bedtime felt that I wasn't doing the project justice. Anyway, on my list of things to do this summer is to sort out the spare room/my study/my sewing room. I'm hoping this photo will inspire me!

Friday, 31 July 2009

Playing catch up!

I know, I know - I'm already behind on my photo a day thing! To be fair though, we went away for the week last Monday, so I knew it would happen. I just hoped to catch up sooner than this!

Day 4 - Sunday 26th July 2009
So, last Sunday was spent with Cara playing out the front with all the other children and H supervising her. I grabbed the moment with both hands and went mad tidying, cleaning and sorting. I even managed to clean the windows!

Day 5 - Monday 27th July 2009
On Monday, we made our way to Kessingland in Suffolk, which is where we were going on holiday. Cara was as good as anything in the car considering it took us a few hours to get there. It was her first holiday since she was 3 months old, so probably the first one she actually remembers. She had a few tears towards the end of the journey saying she wanted to go home because she had forgotten something, but by the time we got there and she joined in with the children's afternoon entertainment and saw the play grounds there, she soon forgot all about it!

Day 6 - Tuesday 28th July 2009
On Tuesday, we drove up to Hemsby in Norfolk which is where we used to holiday (and where Cara went when she was 3 months old!). She seemed to really enjoy the beach and couldn't wait to make a sandcastle. I must admit that I hate sand, so I supervised from afar!

Day 7 - Wednesday 29th July 2009
Wednesday started off with Cara having breakfast with Sparky (a giant rabbit!) and all the other children and then we drove to Lowestoft for something to do. We were making our way to a playground when we saw the beach was almost deserted (slightly overcast but ever so windy!) so we spent the next hour there....making sandcastles!

Day 8 - Thursday 30th July 2009
We decided to come back on Thursday and called into Jimmy's Farm near Ipswich on the way home. Cara was asleep in the car and as we pulled into the road to the farm it started raining, so we planned to pop to the shop, get some meat and then be on our way. Cara woke up though and the sun decided to come out, so we stayed a while and had a good look round. Cara feed the sheep and goats and played in the playground, I had some cake in the field kitchen and then we stocked up on meat before heading on our way.

All in all, a lovely week. What really tocuhed me was on several occasions, when Cara would stop whatever it was she was doing, come rushing up to me and say "I like holiday".

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Day 3 - Saturday 25th July 2009

We decided to have a 'moochy' day about the house today. It started at 10.30am when we all took the dog for a walk. We dropped him home an hour later and set out again to go to town for a few bits. We got home nearly 3 hours later! I'm just glad I had my fit-flops on, so if I don't have fantastically toned legs when I wake up tomorrow, I want to know why!

When we got home, H supervised Cara playing out the front, which is her new favourite thing to do. We have a large grass area at the front of our house where all the kids play. Her new best friend - Poppy - lives 5 houses away and they seem to love each other. Poppy is a few months younger and they spend their time between our house and her house. She's even been invited to dinner there tomorrow. "I'll look after her" Poppy told me. She is such a sweetie! Anyway...while H was supervising, I was domestic goddess'ing. I made Shepherd's Pie for dinner and this banana bread. Both were lovely.

Cara managed a little Shepherd's Pie before wanting to go back out and play. In total, she was out for 4 hours! She almost collapsed into bed she was so worn out!

Friday, 24 July 2009

Day 2 - Friday 24th July 2009

A bit of a nothing day today, but it was nice nonetheless. She opened the fridge up this morning and was peering inside. "What are you doing?" I asked her. "Hanging around" she casually replied. I swear she gets cheekier by the day!

This was taken in the library. We got some DVDs to take on holiday with us and a book. Wibbly Pig Builds a Tent.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Day 1

One reason I decided to start this blog was because throughout 2007 and 2008 I did a Photo A Day project where I took a photo each day - I missed 33 days towards the end of 2007 when I just lost my focus and enthusiasm, but I managed it fully in 2008. At the beginning of 2009, I started the project, but soon lost my love of it and so gave up. What I did miss however was the diary element of it. I love looking back over my photos and seeing what I/we were doing this time last year and then two years ago. I started this blog to help me get that 'diary' feeling.

I know I've been a bit slack lately, but I decided that for the summer holiday, I'm going to get back into that photo a day and blog about it...and then see where it leads after the break. 1. Today started at 4.50am. Urghhh. By 9 o'clock, I was wishing I was back at work. We soldiered on though and then came 10.40am and an appointment at the doctor's. Cara had to have her last childhood vaccination until she reaches her teenage years - I say 'last', but it was infact two - one in each arm.

Was she brave. Not a bit. She sobbed. She moaned. She whimpered. After about half an hour of crying on the settee and squealing every time she moved a millimetre, I carried up to watch TV while laying on our bed. "Can you sit me up please?" she asked in the most pathetic half a voice she could manage. "Of course I can sweethear" I told her in my best Florence Nightinglae voice. "Be ever so careful" she sobbed. If there had been an award for 'best over-acting' I think she may have been in with a good chance of winning it! Half an hour later it was all forgotten about and not a word has been said since.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

First cinema trip

Cara experienced her first ever cinema trip today. (It's also the first time I've been in about 4 years - although I have now promised myself I will go and see The Time Traveler's Wife when it is released)

I was a bit dubious about how she would be, but once she got into it, she was fine. She had a little cry to start with because it was dark and she said she was scared. She also didn't like it when it first started playing, because it was fairly loud. After that though, she tucked into her Smarties and seemed to really enjoy it. Then she needed the toilet. So out we went. Then she wanted something else to eat. So out we went. Then she needed the toilet again. So out we went. Then she wanted a drink. So out we went. The poor people sitting by us!

Tiredness then started to take over and she said she wanted to go home. Thankfully we only had a few minutes till the film finished, so we got to see the end.

Oh...and the film. Beverly Hills Chihuahua, lol. It was on as a Kids Film thing, so it cost only £5.00 for us all to go to see it. If she hated it, I would rather it cost £5.00 for us to find it out rather than the £18.00 it would had we seen Ice Age 3. Hopefully, we'll enjoy a few more trips during the summer holiday.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Plodding on...

...and desperately waiting for Wednesday to get here. I am so tired it is unreal. It always happens at this time of year though, but nothing really prepares you for it. I just want to sleep, but work is as manic as ever and then when I get home, there is Cara to take care of. So far this week, I have been in bed, asleep, at 6.30pm, 6.00pm, 8.00pm and last night 7.45pm.

We have 7 students who have had it confirmed they have swine flu. There are another 33 who are off, but as of yet are unconfirmed cases. I really don't understand the point of these last three days in such circumstances, but obviously the power that be, do.

I'll hopefully be back soon, feeling a little happier and looking forward to my summer holiday.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Our job for tomorrow.... apparently to "dig the house up, pick it up and put it on the back of Daddy's truck, so we can move it up the hill". I asked her if she would be able to pick it up herself. "No!" she told me shocked that I could even imagine she would be. "You and Daddy can help me".

So, if I'm not here tomorrow, you know why!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

This thing some people call a lie in

Could someone please explain exactly what it is.

Cara has always been a terrible sleeper, only really sleeping through the night at about 3 years, when she moved in to sleep with us - but hey - needs must. After three years of unbroken sleep I think we were both willing to do anything for some sleep.

Anyway, unbroken sleep sorted, I'm just wondering now how to crack the early morning wake ups. 5.20am this morning. "Where are we going today?" she asked. Please tell me there will come a time when I can't get her out of bed for love nor money. I just need a little bit more sleep. It's a good job I haven't got to teach any lessons today, I feel like a bear with a sore head! Where's that coffee??

Monday, 6 July 2009

Today's offerings

I love Cara's comments so much and I just want to be able to remember them. One thing I miss about my photo a day project is the journal style where I used to record what we had been up to that day, or things she had said. After almost 2 years of taking a photo everyday though, I needed a break. I keep thinking that one day, I'll go back to it, but for now, this is my place to record everything.

So, we were in the car this morning going to my parent's house. Out of the blue, she says to me, "When we take Buzz for a walk...." "yes, Pickle" I prompted her " would be easier to go in the car." I guess you can't argue with that logic.

Back to the exam papers.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Exam marking

I'm caught up with the joys of exam marking at the moment - only 51 more to go (yay). I thought I'd better get back in the blogging though. I've missed it. I've also decided that I want it to be a place to record all of Cara's conversation pieces.

Just over a year ago, aged 2 years and 5 months, my baby girl was referred for speech and language therapy. She had a vocabulary of about 20 words and couldn't string any together. At the time, I felt like I'd failed her in some way, even though deep down (and lots of people told me as well!) I knew I hadn't.

We had a home assessment but that was as far as it got. It was almost as though she had just been waiting for the referral so that she could prove us all wrong. Her speech came on in leaps and bounds and if you listened to her now, you'd never guess that there was ever that possibility.

So...last night, we were laid on the bed looking at each other. "Love you" I said to her. "Love you" she told me back. "Love you lots" I said to her. "Love you lots" she told me back. "Love you lots and lots" I said to her. "Love you a hundred" she told me. I think a tiny piece of my heart melted.

In the week, she was sat in my mum's kitchen watching her wash up. "Do you know the very most important thing that cavemen had?" she asked my mum. "No" my mum replied. "Washing up liquid" Cara told her.

Her favourite song at the moment is the 'a b c' song. We were singing it in the week and when we got near the end, it went something like this:
Me: "q, r, s"
Cara: "q, r, s"
Me: "and t, u.."
Cara: "Me? Why me? And you"

It's amazing how they learn it all really.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Thank you so much Nicola

Nicola and I arranged to send our Seaside Swap parcels yesterday. We had it all planned so hopefully they would arrive on the same day, but I asked my mum to post mine for me as I was at work and she ended up sending it Parcelforce rather than first class, so chances were they wouldn't arrive at the same time.

I said to Nicola that I wouldn't open mine if it arrived before hers did but she said to go ahead. I didn't need much convincing! So, arrived!

I must admit to being rather like a small child at Christmas!

Everything was sent in a rather awesome beach cool was that? (and I'm kicking myself now for not thinking of the same - sorry Nicola!). She even included something for Cara - how kind was that? (unfortunately Cara fell asleep on the way home and so I've saved it for her to open in the morning)

Everything was beatifully wrapped.

Look at all that! How amazing?? Included were a hand made framed beach picture - this is really lovely. Nicola is very talented. Next, there was a hand made sail boat key ring - again, so so talented. Next were some Yankee candles. Nicola mentioned that she liked these and now I'm lucky enough to try them myself! Some shells - which I haven't unwrapped because I need to find somewhere safe for them first! A lovely piece of seaside/beach fabric. Some sail boat fragence oil. A fantastic pair of flip flop socks and some chocolates...shells no less! Oh..and a lovely card.

How fantastic is this? I'm going to put it by my sewing machine to remind me how much I've loved this swap (I just hope Nicola likes her parcel!)

So much work has clearly gone in to this. I would have no idea where to begin with a key ring!

So - thank you so much Nicola. You have been kind, thoughtful and generous. This was my first ever swap and you have been truly wonderful to have as a swap partner. I hope your parcel arrives soon.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Giveaway winner

is comment #2 - Esther.

Well done Esther and thank you for joining in.

I'm in the midst of trying to mark 200+ A Level exam papers at the moment, so as soon as I get a spare minute I'll e-mail you (or if you see this, please feel free to drop me a line).

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Post 50 - A GIVEAWAY!!!

This is my 50th blog post and I am going to make it a giveaway.

Up for grabs are 3 Fat Quarters from the Makower Coast range: Flip Flops, Beach Huts and Ripple Sand - perfect for summer projects!

All you need to do to enter is tell me your favourite holiday destination. It might be somewhere you've been, it might be somewhere you want to you.

I'll leave it open for a week, so until 7pm (GMT) next Wednesday (24th June). Everyone welcome, I'm more than happy to post Internationally.

Thanks for stopping by.


I'm really not having a good time of it all right now, so I'm going to focus on the positives.

Carolyne left a message on one of my posts recently recommending Swap Bot to me, so I headed over there, joined and signed up for a fabric swap. We received our swap partners last week and on Saturday a lovely little parcel arrived. Inside was this:

AND this:

I love them all! The watermelon and cherries just remind me of summer and my swap partner said she choose the apples "for the teacher". How sweet was that?

Following on from that, it seems to have been a week for fabric. I ordered some fabric last week and it also came on Saturday:

Today, I had to attend a course in London and it just so happened that the meeting was held right next door to Liberty of London shop just off Regent Street. I couldn't resist a peek in there, and this just happened to fall into my hand....

I am well and truly stocking up on this stuff at the moment and I'm finding it harder to get (without paying over the odds or extortionate postage prices for it). Anyway, it was £8.50 a metre, which is probably the cheapest I've known it, but not only that, look....

it gets nicely wrapped....

and then put in a fabulous bag....

I might see if there are any more courses I 'need' to attend, lol.

If that wasn't enough, when I got home, these were waiting for me from the Sweet Words giveaway over at A Pocket Full of Buttons I won. They are truly gorgeous and I can't wait for the morning to show Cara (who fell asleep in the car on the way home!)

Onwards and upwards I say. Remember I said that my 50th post would be a giveaway....well this is post 49!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Look what the postman bought!

So, I got home from a tough day at work (I had one of those unannounced lesson observations) to find the postman had delivered a parcel that contained the goodies from Laura's giveaway that I was lucky enough to win! She really is one very talented lady - all the pieces are beautiful and you can clearly see that each individual piece has been lovingly crafted. I am one very greatful giveaway winner!

Thank you so much Laura, I am in love with all of the pieces!

After being the lucky winner in two recent giveaways and with my 50th post fast approaching, I've decided to return the kindness and host a giveaway for my 50th post. It will be for fabric - a set of fat quarters, but I'm yet to decide on which ones. Check back here in a few days time for full details!

Rachel over at Contented is asking how you came up with your blog name. Mine is quiet straightforward really and if you are a Bon Jovi fan, you should recognise it straight away. When I was deciding on the name, I basically wanted something that summed me up. I did wonder about making it a 'craft' name, but I didn't want it just to be about my craft work - I also wanted to be able to include some ramblings, thoughts, moanings and so on. So, in the end I went with one of my most favourite songs of all times and something that sums up my own personal philosophy on life. I love how the title (and the song) is filled with optimism - it doesn't matter what is going on here or now. It doesn't matter how bad things get, there will come a time when things are better.

"Someday, I'll be Saturday Night"

(although when things get tough for me, I prefer to say "Someday, I WILL be Saturday Night")

Monday, 8 June 2009

Busy, busy, busy

I've had a lovely evening spent infront of the sewing machine :-)
I've been working on the seaside swap and am so excited! I'm not saying anymore though incase I let the cat out of the bag!

I picked Cara up from my parents after work and we had a lovely few hours together. Sometimes she is just the devil child, but other times she just makes me so proud. We received a letter home from pre-school a little while ago saying that this term, the children would be looking at countries around the world and if anyone had an items of interest or things they could use, they would really appreciate it. We got some postcards together for Cara - the girl who lives next door to my parents went to Las Vegas and bought some postcards back, my dad found some from when he and my mum went to Malta years ago. I asked Cara if she gave them her postcards and she said yes. "Anita sat with me and we looked at them" she told me. "What did she say pickle?" I asked her. "She said had I been to those places" "What did you tell her pickle?" "Yeah - I have been to them". So, Cara...International jet setter. Bless her. She doesn't even have her own passport yet, let alone been on an aeroplane! more exciting bloggy giveaway lovliness, check out the e-mail that landed in my inbox yesterday:

"Hi Dianna,

Thanks for entering my special birthday giveaway over on my blog.... You won! :)

If you let me know your address I'll get your goodies posted out asap.

Best wishes,

I can't believe it. I've been admiring Laura's work for a while now - she is so talented and so creative. Back at Christmas, she blogged a fantastic series about gift wrap ideas. I loved this one in particular and used it when I wrapped my nieces presents.

I can't believe that I'm going to be one lucky owner of some of her creations. I'm so excited!

Cara has also received all of her mail swap letters and she was so excited when she realised they were for her! It was lovely to hear from all the children on the other sides of the world (we had 4 in Australia and 1 in America) and we really enjoyed reading the letters and notes and using the stickers and pencil we were sent. Thank you so much if you were our partner! I'm certainly going to be watching Pigeon Pair's blog to see if there is another one soon - Cara enjoyed it so much.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Struggling with the juggling....but some good news too

I went back to work on Monday following half term and I'm already struggling to juggle work with everything else. It's the final term which means exhaustion is just about setting in and with my Head of Faculty leaving (and me taking her place) it means there is just so much to do.

Add to that the fact we received 'satisfactory' on our latest Ofsted, means the Senior Leadership Team have put an 'Action Plan' into place as of today, which includes whole Faculty unannounced book checks with a focus on formative assessment and unannounced lesson observations, which will require lesson plans written according to a new format and assessment based on Ofsted criteria. Oh, and did I mention that we also need to re-write all of our Schemes of Work? And teach of course. All in the next six weeks. Joy of joys.

Anyway....after that day, I came home and opened up my e-mail to find a wonderful message from Melissa of Sweet Words sitting in my in-box. A Pocket Full of Buttons recently hosted a giveaway for some her Sweet Clippies. Anyway, here is the message:

"Hello Dianna,

CONGATULATIONS!!! YOu are the winner of my Sweet Clippie Giveaway! If you could provide me with your mailing address, I will ship out your Sweet Clippies ASAP!!

Thank you & Have a Sweet Day!

Melissa Deline"

How fantastic is that?!?! It's certainly made my day :-)
Thank you to both Melissa for the giveaway and Stephanie at A Pocket Full of Buttons for hosting it.

Sunday, 31 May 2009


When I first decided to join in the giveaway, I thought it would be fab to put all the names in a hat and let Cara pick the winners. This idea soon went out of the window with the sheer amount of comments. I can not thank everyone enough for joining in and making my first giveaway so successful. I also can't wait for the next SMS giveaway!

Anyway - down to business. I'm using to draw the lucky winners - I've spent the last 15 minutes trying to work out how to copy the little results table over to here but I can't do it, so I'm afraid you are just going to have to trust me!

Winner #1 for the pattern and fabric is comment no 68 which is Jules over at MoonCat Farms meanderings. She said "Having to pick just one is Hard!! I love the August Fields collection, especially the Graceful Vines in grey. Thank you for entering me in the drawing."

Congratulations Jules - I can't wait to see the finished article!

Next up is the quilting book. The winner of this is comment no 128 who is Melanie over at Sugar Lemon. She said "I am currently working on my first ever quilt - it's a cot quilt for my youngest (7 weeks old yesterday). I'm really enjoying it so far. I'd love to be in your giveaway :)" Hope the book comes in handy Melanie and I'd love to see that quilt when it's finished.

Finally we have the cupcake cards. There are 2 sets of these.
The first winner is comment no 20 who is LFinn over at Lfinndesigns. She said "Okay, I love all of your giveaways! You are so very generous. These cupcake cards are adorable. I love cupcakes (but don't like 'big cakes'). Thanks for sharing!"

The second winner is comment no 114 who is Breanna.S over at Breanna's Knit Bits. She said "Your cupcake cards are very cute."

Congratulations everyone and thank you all for joining in. I'm still trying to visit the blogs of everyone who commented - I think it may take some time!

An hour to go!

Well it's 7.05pm here and I said I would close comments at 8pm. Less than an hour to get your comments in and be in with a chance. I've made an extra set of the cupcake cards, so there will be two draws for giveaway 3.

We went to a boot fair this morning and I picked up some bargains:

The craft magazines were 20p each, the book of paper has never been used and was the grand sum of 50p and the cards for Cara were 50p. These are brand new and have never been used. I've put them away for a rainy day!

I also got this sewing pattern for 20p which has never been used - I like the look of the skirt and one day may get around to trying it out. For that price, I couldn't leave it there!

I also got some lovely new fabric.
This has become my latest obsession, lol. It's also recycling in the best sense! These are actually mens shirts and cost me 50p each. I love the patterns and have lots of ideas on how to use them. I'm going to do some more bunting with them and I also experimented with some more cards earlier. What do you think?

I'll be back later with the giveaway winners!

Saturday, 30 May 2009

A finished project

Cara and I haven't had the best of days. She has almost perfected her 'threenager' strops but she continues to work hard on them and the attitude at times is beyond belief. If I hear the word 'now' pass her lips one more time.....

Anyway, I cunningly planned that we would take the dog out for his walk at about 4pm. Fifteen minutes into the walk she fell asleep. Yay! I transferred her to bed when we got in and got on with some sewing. Bliss.

I have been wanting to make her some personalised bunting for a long time now and tonight I finally turned my hand to it.

I'm on a real fabric 'recycle' kick at the moment - the pink gingham here was once a pair of curtains (I really should have ironed it before putting it up, but I was far too impatient!)

Here is the little minx herself.

We went to Farming World on Thursday and it appears to have become a tradition that I take a photo of her on the little boat thing they have there.

Photo 1 was taken on September 2nd 2007 (aged 1 year and 7 months)
Photo 2 was taken on March 2nd 2008 (aged 2 years and 1 month)
Photo 3 was taken on May 28th 2009 (aged 3 years and 4 months)

Friday, 29 May 2009

Blown away!

That is how I feel about the response to my giveaways! I can't believe all the comments and visitors to my little ole' blog in the past few days - it is completely amazing!

Thank you to everyone who has visited and joined in.

The giveaways are open till Sunday evening so if you haven't yet joined in, there is still plenty of time.

In the meantime, I'm still trying to make my way through everyone else's blogs. I'm trying to look at the blogs of everyone who has left comments as well as participate in other people's giveaways - I'm up to 'M' on the Sew, Mama Sew list so far - the generosity of everyone is amazing!

Good luck to you if you have joined in mine or other giveaways - the next few weeks should certainly be exciting for the people of blog land with some lovely prizes making their way to the lucky winners!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The time has come....Sew, Mama Sew May Giveaway Day

I am so excited about joining in the Sew, Mama Sew May Giveaway Day - this is my first ever giveaway and I have decided to give three things away. I know it's not the 27th yet, but I'm so worried about not being able to post before the deadline, that I thought I'd do it now so I don't miss out (hope tht is okay!)

I've posted each one on a separate post below. All you need to do to enter is answer the question in the comment box. Please feel free to enter just one or all three - just leave a comment on each one that you would like to be entered for (I couldn't see a better way to do it - sorry).

I'm more than happy to post Internationally.

Giveaways will close at 8pm GMT on Sunday 31st May when the winners for each will be drawn.

Good luck everyone and thank you for joining in.

Giveaway #1 - Amy Butler Frenchy Bag Pattern AND fabric

First off is an Amy Butler Frenchy Bag pattern. This can be made either as a shoulder or a handbag.

Accompanying the pattern is also fabric to make the shoulder bag. There is 60cms of Kaleidoscope Dots Leaf for the main panel and straps and 140cms of Full Moon Polka Dot in Lime for the lining, pockets and exterior top (the lady in the shop helped me calculate the amount, so it should be right!)

Of course, you don't have to use the fabric for the bag, but I know that whenever I get a new pattern, I just want to get started on it straight away, so thought it would be nice to give the fabric as well as the pattern.

To enter this giveaway just leave a comment telling me your favourite Amy Butler fabric. Easy!

Giveaway #2 - Learn to Quilt book

Next up is a book titled 'Learn to Quilt'. I have recently started on my first ever quilt, so I thought it might be nice to offer this. Of course, you might be an experienced quilter - there are lots of lovely pictures and inspiration in this!

To enter this giveaway just leave a comment telling me who your next quilt is for - is it your first ever quilt? Who is it for? Yourself? Someone special? Is it a gift?

Giveaway #3 - Something hand made by me!

Finally, giveaway number 3 is something I've handmade (please be gentle with me....I only got my sewing machine at Christmas!) This is a set of 5 hand made Cupcake cards. Each card measures approx 5" x 5" and comes with an envelope. It is blank inside for your own message.

To enter this giveaway just leave a comment below. No question for this one!

Monday, 25 May 2009

Busy weekend

I can't believe it is Monday already! Because it's been Bank Holiday, it still seems like Sunday to me. We've managed to cram so much in!

On Saturday, we went to Chessington. We very nearly didn't make it after H and I had an argument but we got there in the end. Cara had a fabulous time for the most part. There was one or two rides she didn't like (Professor Burp's Bubble Works being one of them!) but she fell in love with a dragon:

and came away as a lion!

Yesterday we spent the morning at a local boot fair, where she got lots of 'new' toys at bargain prices. We then spent the afternoon in the garden, where she played for three hours with two of her cousins. I think much fun was had by all - especially when we painted hands and feet on a large sheet of rolled out paper!

Today, we went to the beach. As a child, we spent every weekend camping at Romney Marsh. We used to come home from school on a Friday, get straight in the car and we'd be off. We would go with my aunt and uncle and several cousins and we would just have a fantastic time. My memories are full of our camping trips. As an adult, we've made a few trips back down that way, but this was the first time we'd taken Cara. When we got there it was raining and really blowing. We walked along the beach, but she really didn't like it.

We went into the amusements instead and as soon as she saw the soft play area, she was off.

It gave the weather a chance to brighten up a little, which then meant we could go on some rides.

She then decided she wanted to go back on the beach and build a sandcastle, but when we got back there, the tide had come right in and there wasn't a single bit of sand in sight. She wasn't too pleased!

We ended up driving down the road, but all that was there were pebbles. We ended up bringing a bucket full home so she could paint them!

I think a return trip very soon may be on the cards!

I was going to post my Sew, Mama Sew Giveaway this evening as I'm so worried about missing the deadline (I can't work out time differences and want to make sure I've posted it by the time I should!) but the two hour season finale of 24 starts in 8 minutes and I don't want to miss that! So, come back tomorrow for the giveaway. I have three things that will be up for grabs!

Hope everyone else has had a good weekend.