Monday, 8 June 2009

Busy, busy, busy

I've had a lovely evening spent infront of the sewing machine :-)
I've been working on the seaside swap and am so excited! I'm not saying anymore though incase I let the cat out of the bag!

I picked Cara up from my parents after work and we had a lovely few hours together. Sometimes she is just the devil child, but other times she just makes me so proud. We received a letter home from pre-school a little while ago saying that this term, the children would be looking at countries around the world and if anyone had an items of interest or things they could use, they would really appreciate it. We got some postcards together for Cara - the girl who lives next door to my parents went to Las Vegas and bought some postcards back, my dad found some from when he and my mum went to Malta years ago. I asked Cara if she gave them her postcards and she said yes. "Anita sat with me and we looked at them" she told me. "What did she say pickle?" I asked her. "She said had I been to those places" "What did you tell her pickle?" "Yeah - I have been to them". So, Cara...International jet setter. Bless her. She doesn't even have her own passport yet, let alone been on an aeroplane! more exciting bloggy giveaway lovliness, check out the e-mail that landed in my inbox yesterday:

"Hi Dianna,

Thanks for entering my special birthday giveaway over on my blog.... You won! :)

If you let me know your address I'll get your goodies posted out asap.

Best wishes,

I can't believe it. I've been admiring Laura's work for a while now - she is so talented and so creative. Back at Christmas, she blogged a fantastic series about gift wrap ideas. I loved this one in particular and used it when I wrapped my nieces presents.

I can't believe that I'm going to be one lucky owner of some of her creations. I'm so excited!

Cara has also received all of her mail swap letters and she was so excited when she realised they were for her! It was lovely to hear from all the children on the other sides of the world (we had 4 in Australia and 1 in America) and we really enjoyed reading the letters and notes and using the stickers and pencil we were sent. Thank you so much if you were our partner! I'm certainly going to be watching Pigeon Pair's blog to see if there is another one soon - Cara enjoyed it so much.


  1. Hi Dianna,

    Have you tried swap-bot? There are mail swaps designed for parents to give to their kids as well as some interesting crafty ones.

    Hope you like it,


  2. Hello I have just discovered your blog via I'm a Ginger Monkey and I love it.
    I love the link you sent to her about the cardboard toys! They are great x