Wednesday, 17 June 2009


I'm really not having a good time of it all right now, so I'm going to focus on the positives.

Carolyne left a message on one of my posts recently recommending Swap Bot to me, so I headed over there, joined and signed up for a fabric swap. We received our swap partners last week and on Saturday a lovely little parcel arrived. Inside was this:

AND this:

I love them all! The watermelon and cherries just remind me of summer and my swap partner said she choose the apples "for the teacher". How sweet was that?

Following on from that, it seems to have been a week for fabric. I ordered some fabric last week and it also came on Saturday:

Today, I had to attend a course in London and it just so happened that the meeting was held right next door to Liberty of London shop just off Regent Street. I couldn't resist a peek in there, and this just happened to fall into my hand....

I am well and truly stocking up on this stuff at the moment and I'm finding it harder to get (without paying over the odds or extortionate postage prices for it). Anyway, it was £8.50 a metre, which is probably the cheapest I've known it, but not only that, look....

it gets nicely wrapped....

and then put in a fabulous bag....

I might see if there are any more courses I 'need' to attend, lol.

If that wasn't enough, when I got home, these were waiting for me from the Sweet Words giveaway over at A Pocket Full of Buttons I won. They are truly gorgeous and I can't wait for the morning to show Cara (who fell asleep in the car on the way home!)

Onwards and upwards I say. Remember I said that my 50th post would be a giveaway....well this is post 49!

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  1. So sorry life's been a bit rough. Good on you for focusing on the positives though :) I *love* that Liberty fabric. Just gorgeous!