Sunday, 31 May 2009

An hour to go!

Well it's 7.05pm here and I said I would close comments at 8pm. Less than an hour to get your comments in and be in with a chance. I've made an extra set of the cupcake cards, so there will be two draws for giveaway 3.

We went to a boot fair this morning and I picked up some bargains:

The craft magazines were 20p each, the book of paper has never been used and was the grand sum of 50p and the cards for Cara were 50p. These are brand new and have never been used. I've put them away for a rainy day!

I also got this sewing pattern for 20p which has never been used - I like the look of the skirt and one day may get around to trying it out. For that price, I couldn't leave it there!

I also got some lovely new fabric.
This has become my latest obsession, lol. It's also recycling in the best sense! These are actually mens shirts and cost me 50p each. I love the patterns and have lots of ideas on how to use them. I'm going to do some more bunting with them and I also experimented with some more cards earlier. What do you think?

I'll be back later with the giveaway winners!


  1. Oh, you DO scrap?! I'm not surprised at all! :D

    The cards are adorable! Did you make the freehand or did you make a stencil of some kind? I might steal the idea, unless you mind? :)

  2. I made them freehand. Just measured the fabric out, cut it, sewed it on, selected the label and sewed that on too.

    Steal away (as long as you share your version!)

  3. I love your card What a great idea to make things from mens old shirts from the booty !