Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Long time no blog

The summer seems to be passing by so quickly. I actually return to work two weeks tomorrow. Eek.

As you can probably tell, I failed on the photo a day thing. I'm not beating myself up about it. It reached the point where it was a chore more than something to enjoy and when Cara fell asleep in the evenings, I would be thinking 'What can I take a photo of?' That wasn't what it was meant to be like! I managed a photo a day for the whole of 2008, so it's not a big deal.

So...the summer. We haven't done too much at all. Last summer we zoomed here, there and everything. Doing so much. When the summer holiday comes, it's almost as though I panic about looking after Cara and so try to spend as much time out of the house as possible. This year has been so so different though. She has a new favourite thing to do. We have a large grass area at the front of our house - as you go out of our door, you have our steps, then a path that runs in front of all the houses then this grass area. She and all the other local children have taken to playing out there. A few weeks ago I suggested she take the picnic blanket out with some of her toys. We haven't looked back since. The children - who range in age from about 8 years to 3 years - love it. They play so nicely together and get along so well. It is even at the point where they will knock and say 'Is Cara playing?' I sit on the doorstep and supervise - sometimes I read the paper, sometimes I might play on my DS, sometimes I just sit. At the start of the holiday I hated it - I was still in work mode and was tetcy - thinking 'I should be doing something', but now, I just chill! I supply drinks, ice lollies. Yesterday, three of them shared two big bowls of fruit all cut up. Cara went out with a little prepacked bowl we got in Tesco. "You can have the bits I don't like" she told one little boy. So I did them a separate bowl! 'Go and check with mummy first' you can hear me telling them 'just incase it's near dinner time'.

The summer is just whizzing by and although we haven't done anything, I think Cara is loving it and I feel just so relaxed (although I still have a pile of marking and preparation to do!) I did manage to go into work earlier this week and sort my new office out. At least that feels ready. I really don't want to go back - not just because I go back on my birthday, lol - but because I don't want to be the new of the Faculty. Urgh. I'm not even going to go there. I can already feel a black cloud looming. So, on that note, over and out.

Oh - and no word on my poor little car yet. Nothing. Not a word.

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