Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Thank you so much Nicola

Nicola and I arranged to send our Seaside Swap parcels yesterday. We had it all planned so hopefully they would arrive on the same day, but I asked my mum to post mine for me as I was at work and she ended up sending it Parcelforce rather than first class, so chances were they wouldn't arrive at the same time.

I said to Nicola that I wouldn't open mine if it arrived before hers did but she said to go ahead. I didn't need much convincing! So, arrived!

I must admit to being rather like a small child at Christmas!

Everything was sent in a rather awesome beach cool was that? (and I'm kicking myself now for not thinking of the same - sorry Nicola!). She even included something for Cara - how kind was that? (unfortunately Cara fell asleep on the way home and so I've saved it for her to open in the morning)

Everything was beatifully wrapped.

Look at all that! How amazing?? Included were a hand made framed beach picture - this is really lovely. Nicola is very talented. Next, there was a hand made sail boat key ring - again, so so talented. Next were some Yankee candles. Nicola mentioned that she liked these and now I'm lucky enough to try them myself! Some shells - which I haven't unwrapped because I need to find somewhere safe for them first! A lovely piece of seaside/beach fabric. Some sail boat fragence oil. A fantastic pair of flip flop socks and some chocolates...shells no less! Oh..and a lovely card.

How fantastic is this? I'm going to put it by my sewing machine to remind me how much I've loved this swap (I just hope Nicola likes her parcel!)

So much work has clearly gone in to this. I would have no idea where to begin with a key ring!

So - thank you so much Nicola. You have been kind, thoughtful and generous. This was my first ever swap and you have been truly wonderful to have as a swap partner. I hope your parcel arrives soon.


  1. YAY.

    I am so pleased that you like everything, and wow, you have taken some fantastic photo's of the cross stitch, whenever I try, they end up all blurry.

    I am sat here, excited at the thought of a parcel for me, on the way, and PLEASE don't worry about the mix up! xx

  2. My parcel has turned up. Thankyou so much the seaside fabrics are even better then they looked on your giveaway post. The beach by the in-laws have beach huts very like the ones on the fabric so I may have to see about taking some more pictures of them and doing something combining printing some photos on fabric and my winnings.. will depend on if we manage to visit them this summer I think.