Friday, 31 July 2009

Playing catch up!

I know, I know - I'm already behind on my photo a day thing! To be fair though, we went away for the week last Monday, so I knew it would happen. I just hoped to catch up sooner than this!

Day 4 - Sunday 26th July 2009
So, last Sunday was spent with Cara playing out the front with all the other children and H supervising her. I grabbed the moment with both hands and went mad tidying, cleaning and sorting. I even managed to clean the windows!

Day 5 - Monday 27th July 2009
On Monday, we made our way to Kessingland in Suffolk, which is where we were going on holiday. Cara was as good as anything in the car considering it took us a few hours to get there. It was her first holiday since she was 3 months old, so probably the first one she actually remembers. She had a few tears towards the end of the journey saying she wanted to go home because she had forgotten something, but by the time we got there and she joined in with the children's afternoon entertainment and saw the play grounds there, she soon forgot all about it!

Day 6 - Tuesday 28th July 2009
On Tuesday, we drove up to Hemsby in Norfolk which is where we used to holiday (and where Cara went when she was 3 months old!). She seemed to really enjoy the beach and couldn't wait to make a sandcastle. I must admit that I hate sand, so I supervised from afar!

Day 7 - Wednesday 29th July 2009
Wednesday started off with Cara having breakfast with Sparky (a giant rabbit!) and all the other children and then we drove to Lowestoft for something to do. We were making our way to a playground when we saw the beach was almost deserted (slightly overcast but ever so windy!) so we spent the next hour there....making sandcastles!

Day 8 - Thursday 30th July 2009
We decided to come back on Thursday and called into Jimmy's Farm near Ipswich on the way home. Cara was asleep in the car and as we pulled into the road to the farm it started raining, so we planned to pop to the shop, get some meat and then be on our way. Cara woke up though and the sun decided to come out, so we stayed a while and had a good look round. Cara feed the sheep and goats and played in the playground, I had some cake in the field kitchen and then we stocked up on meat before heading on our way.

All in all, a lovely week. What really tocuhed me was on several occasions, when Cara would stop whatever it was she was doing, come rushing up to me and say "I like holiday".

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