Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Just about sums up how I feel at the moment. It's 7.15pm and I'm already in bed!
The Bank Holiday on Monday was fabulous, but I honestly don't feel like I know what day it is at the moment! I started my jury service yesterday and while I am finding the whole process really interesting, I feel absolutely shattered having to concentrate so hard on everything and constantly trying to think everything through and weight it all up in my mind. I'm also trying to juggle work with it because this is just about our busiest time of year. Coursework deadlines, marking and feedback, moderation, predicted grades, actual grades, samples to be sent off and then cover work to set as well.

I went in this morning and ran around like a headless chicken to try and sort everything out. I left there at 9.20am, went to the court, done my stint there and then got back to work at 1.30pm to do more running around like a headless chicken. Anyway, my cover work for tomorrow and Friday is sorted, so I don't need to go in now which is a bit of a relief. Roll on the 15th I say. Final date for grades to be with the exam board and a week away from half term. Yay!

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