Sunday, 17 May 2009

The Farm....the one with the big sand pit

Cara had a day off from her swimming lesson yesterday and so we went out for the day. I took her and my two neices to Godstone Farm. "The one with the big sandpit?" Cara asked when I told her. It was, so she was happy. Although she did mention, "it takes hours to get there". It doesn't - only about 40 minutes.

The weather forecast wasn't the best and that coupled with the fact we got there about 10 minutes after it opened, meant it was nice and quiet. We started off in the soft play area and other than one little baby in the toddler area, they were the only 3 in there. They loved it!

We went on a tractor ride

And walked to the adventure playground

Where we played in the large sand pit

and played on all the equipment

We saw pigs

and piglets


and sheep



and more goats (goats are my favourite!)

Today, we topped it all off by making cakes.

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