Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Trying to be organised

The deadline date for posting the Kids Mail Swap is Monday. It's a bank holiday here, so none of the post offices will be open. We are hoping to go to Chessington on Saturday, so ideally we need to post our letters on Friday. We've got 2 all done and ready to go, but Cara needs to finish the other 3 off. She seems to have a short attention span for learning to write, lol!

The sign ups for the seaside swap don't close till Friday, so I don't yet know who my swap partner will be, but I've already been thinking hard and have lots of ideas. I got so carried away with it all that I even started making something, which kind of feels a little like cheating as I don't even 'know' them yet. Anyway, I'm pleased with the progress of it so far, but as this (along with the mail swap) is the first swap I've been involved in, I'm getting myself all in a pickle, hoping that they don't hate it or think it's not very good. Anyway - here's a tiny tiny sneak preview.

I've also been thinking ahead to the Sew Mama Sew May Giveaway Day. Again, because of bank holiday on Monday and Saturday being taken care off, I have limited time to decide what to give away, photo it, post it etc, etc. So this afternoon, I paid a visit to my most favourite fabric shop in the world and decided what to give away. Again, being my first give away, nerves are setting in. What if people don't like it and don't comment? What if people just don't visit let alone comment? Too much to think about!

Anyway....I've decided to give away two things for definite, maybe a third thing if I can make something I'm happy with by next week. Do you want a sneak preview? Oh, go on then, twist my arm!

I'd be more than happy to enter a give away for either and even more happy to actually win one of them. I just need to decide on the specifics of it all now!

While I was in the shop, this was there as a new addition. Polka dots. What more can I say?

Cara fell asleep on the way home again today. But not before telling me that she wants to go on an aeroplane. "So do I sweetheart" I sighed wistfully. She went on to ask a million questions about them. "How do we get on aeroplane because it's high in the sky?" "Do we sit down on the aeroplane?" "Do we wear a seat belt?" "Why?" "How does it get in the sky?"

I think it's amazing how thier brains work. I also think it more amazing that this time a year ago she was speaking only in single words and only had about 20 of those and was referred for speech therapy. Who would have thought it now listening to her?

(Please excuse the dummy - it is something we are working on getting rid of)

Finally - viv of Concept Design Form - if you see this, I need your address to send you something for the Pay it Forward (I can't see a way to e-mail you via your blog or web page)


  1. Dianna,

    I just wanted to pop in and say I received my PIF gift and I just love it! I will soon be putting up a post on my blog about it, but I wanted to tell you first! I love the notebook! I will use it to keep track of my sewing/quilting projects. It's perfect. ANd the fabric and notions have already fond a place into two little projects that will be photographed soon!

    Thank you for your kindness!!


  2. Hi! I'm glad i'm not the only nervous crafty swap blogger! I think what we have to remember is that it's meant to be fun and participants who enter into the spirit of it are just happy to recieve a thoughtful parcel of loveliness! We can do that!!

    Also, a secondary school teacher? My hat off to you. You have now become my new hero. I have two teenage sons and would deffinately NOT want to be in charge of a whole group of them, and my two are very easy going!

    Nice meeting you. Best wishes.
    X X

  3. Hi,

    I'm your seaside swap partner! Nice to meet you!