Sunday, 10 May 2009

Dragon massacre and boot fair bargains

Today didn't get off to a good start at all.

For the past 16 years or so, I have been collecting Pocket Dragons. I have about 60 in a display cabinet, hidden away in the bedroom. I have even managed to train Cara to look but not to touch. This morning, at approximately 6am, my husband decided he needed to move the cabinet. I have no idea why, but rather than carefully considering his options and then gently pushing it one way and then the other so as to move it slowly and precisely, he grabs hold of the back and tilts it forward.

I was still half asleep when he started this mission, however the clatter of my precious dragons hitting the glass and being thrown about inside the cabinet was enough to fully wake me up. I screamed his name, sat up on the bed, eyes wide open and mouth agape. I must admit it was his words next rather than his actions that tipped me over the edge. "Don't be so dramatic" he told me. I burst into tears. "That's 16 years of my life there" I told him. "People have bought me those as presents for different reasons because they remind me and them of certain things." He walked off in a huff. I surveyed the damage to find that he had managed to break 3 of them. Cara came into the bedroom and asked me, "what's wrong mummy? Why are you crying?" She tried to help me pick them all up, bless her. A damn sight more sympathetic than H was.

A short while later he did apologise (in a begrugingly and half mumbled way) and told me he would replace them ("How?" I questionned him knowing they stopped producing them a few years back "Ebay?" he asked me) He knew he was well and truly in the dog house.

We got ready and headed to a local boot fair. As a child, I was bought up on boot fairs - they were still a relatively new thing back then I think and mum and dad often reminisce about some of the boot fairs we went to when my brother and I were small. As I grew up, I soon realised they were a fantastic way to make my pocket money go further (plus dad always gave me a little extra when we got there!). When I hit my late teens, I tended not to go as much - instead of getting up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning, I was instead reaching the point where that was the time I was going to bed after a Saturday night out! I still used to give mum and dad a 'shopping list' of things to look out for though! As an adult, and now especially as a parent, they are a firm favourite for a way of saving money.

Anyway - after the dragon massacre, one of the first stalls we looked at had a collection of none other, than some Pocket Dragons for sale. H said it was fate and bought the lot for me. I kind of thought I should forgive him at that point!

I also bought this book for 10p. I used to read these as a teenager and loved them. My mum commented recently that I am a very sentimental person and it's true I am. I love collecting anything from my childhood, books I read, toys I had, etc. In the back of my mind I guess I would love it if Cara wanted to read them when she's older, but I won't force them on her. For now, they sit in my study (collecting dust!)

I also got two more books - they were both 50p. What a bargain! The paper one is for me to have a look through and I got the knitting one for someone I 'know' (an Internet wierdie!) who loves knitting. I e-mailed her to see if she wanted it and she said it was on her Amazon wishlist, so that's good then!

We spent the afternoon in the garden, planting some new things and tidying up. So, not too bad a day after a very shakey start!

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  1. Ohhh I'm so sorry about your dragons! It reminded me of the time my son broke a picture frame that had my newborn baby picture in it. It was 8 inches by 10 inches. Since he couldn't fix it, he cut the photo down to about 4 by 6 and put it in another frame! I almost died when I saw it. I hope your husband finds enough dragons to replace the broken ones, even though the originals really can't ber replaced. I say glue 'em or take them to a pottery place to have them repaired.

    Oh, I have had no one sign up for my Pay it Forward. I am crushed, I tell you!