Thursday, 30 April 2009

I spy with my little eye....

On the way home, Cara asked me, "Do you want to play I Spy?" So she started. "I spy with my little eye, something beginning with C" "Is it car?" I asked her. She thought about this for a second before throwing her arms up in the arm and cheering "Yayyyyyy! Your go" she told me. So I thought carefully, bearing in mind she is only 3 and doesn't yet know her alphabet. "I spy with my little eye" I said, "something beginning with S". She thought for a brief moment, had a glance around and then asked "Is it sky?" She was right and I was so proud that she knew 'sky' began with an 'S'. "I spy with my little eye" she said, "something beginning with K" I had to think carefully about this because I couldn't see anything beginning with a K. So I thought outside of the box. "Is it kite?" I asked. "No" she told me. "Kiss?" I asked and blew her one "No" she told me. "I don't think I can guess it Pickle" I told her "I think you might have to tell Mummy". She gave a little sigh. "It's Grass" she told me.

Maybe we'll work on that alphabet over the weekend!

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