Sunday, 19 April 2009

Back to work

So, my lovely two weeks holiday are up and I go back to work tomorrow. As usual, there is marking I haven't done and a whole heap of work to sort out. Sigh. The time has just flown by and although we haven't done too much (although that said, we've been to the farm 3 times, the park umpteen times, the family picnic, played with cousins loads, swimming - so more than I thought!), it's been nice spending time with Cara and just chilling out.

On the brightside, going back to work isn't all bad I guess. Firstly, it's pay day on Friday. Following the discussion on the Amy Butler fans group on Flickr about the Belle and Lotus lines being withdrawn in the Autumn, I'm going to stock up (big time!) on my most favourite fabrics - namely the wall flower and polka dot patterns which I have fallen in love with all over again!

Secondly, we've only got two weeks and then it's Bank Holiday Monday.

Lastly, it's a mega short term - only 5 weeks till May half term (plus I've got Jury Service smack bang in the middle of it, so it will be extra extra short!)

I actually asked H if I could give up work and just stay at home and sew all day. He just looked at me.

We finished the holiday with (another) trip to the park.

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