Tuesday, 28 April 2009

More fantastic giveaways

Blogland never fails to amaze - so many people spreading the love and doing fantastic giveaways on their Blogs. I can't wait for when I get the 'courage' to do one of my own. Maybe when I reach 50 posts - which the way I'm going, won't be too long!

Gracie Lou is giving away scraps this week. I think scraps are fantastic - an opportunity to see and use fabric you may not have otherwise given a second though to. There are also some fab groups on Flickr all about scraps, so lots of inspiration there. All she is asking is "where do you sew?"

Next up is Red Ruby Rose who has just started a new blog and is giving away one of gorgeous clutch bags to the value of $75. All you need to do - I say all, but trust me, it's tough! - is check out her etsy store and tell her which design is your favourite. I choose this one:

You then also need to tell her which animal you would choose to be if you weren't human. I went for a goat, as they are my most favourite animal. Whenever Cara and I go to the farm we always have a discussion about whether we could smuggle one out. She thinks we could! Entries close 1st May.

Last up is Clara at The Rainbow Room who is celebrating her 100th blog post. She is giving away this fantastic bundle: in return for you visiting her etsy shop and telling her which is your favourite product. There are so many bright and wonderful colours over there! I choose these:
which I think Cara fell in love with as soon as she saw them! Entries close 30th April.

Good luck if you decide to enter them.

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  1. So glad you commented on my blog - you have a lovely blog x