Sunday, 1 March 2009

Lots of lovely goodies!

I decided to treat myself rather a little bit too much this past week!

I have been lusting after the combination of these two Amy Butler fabrics for a while now. My two usual favourite fabric shops let me down - one shop stocked just the Polka Dots and not the Wall Flower and the other didn't have either (although they did have the Wall Flower in Apricot which I succumbed to!) Anyway, I found a place on the net that stocked both and the lovely postman bought them to me earlier in the week.

Next I decided to actually make myself something so bought the Amy Butler Barcelona Skirts pattern and some fabric to use for it.

The last thing, which I am incredibly excited about is this new 'Flip' video camera. We recently got some of these at work and they are fab. They hold 60 minutes worth of video and to download it, you just flip out the USB, plug it into your computer and it's done! Expect to see lots of video of Cara here soon!

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