Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Disaster strikes

I know in the grand scheme of things this really isn't that big deal, but my husband walked in from work to find me in flood of tears about this last night!

Because I was feeling so ill yesterday, I took a bottle of Lucozade to work to try and drink through the day to perk me up a bit. When I left work, I put it in my bag along with a massive pile of my student's work (ever the optimist, thinking I'd feel okay to do some marking!). Just before I was going to go to sleep, I thought I'd take two tablets to help my throat, so I got the bottle of Lucozade out of my bag. Only to discover the lid wasn't on properly and it had leaked.

It had got pretty much all of the work wet - thankfully each piece was in a plastic wallet and it was only the top of each bit, but it was still enough to upset me. I am so conscientious when it comes to work and it takes hours to mark all the assignments and provide feedback (one of the drawbacks of teaching courses which are either all coursework based or have a large coursework component!).

Anyway - as Cara has taken to sleeping with us lately, I laid it all out in her room to see if it will dry out.

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