Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Heart melting moments

Two things have made me go 'ahhhh' today.

First of all, when I was all snuggled up on the settee this morning, waiting for my mum to come and collect Cara for me, Cara wandered out into the bathroom and came back with a beaker of water and a tissue, to try and make me feel better because she knew I was poorly. Bless. The workings of a three year olds mind!

Secondly, I popped to Tesco at lunchtime to pick up a few bits and because it forced me out of bed and made me get dressed and also helped me get some fresh air. As I was wandering around in a half dazed state (lord knows what I looked like), an elderly gentleman randomly came up to me and told me that the tea bags that were in the next aisle that were selling for £2.89 were on special offer at the local Co-Op for £1.18. Bless him. I don't even drink tea.

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