Sunday, 20 June 2010

So it's official....I am lazy!

Too lazy infact to even blog regularly. How pathetic is that? So, I'm going to try whole heartedly (until tomorrow maybe!) to blog on a regular basis. I mean - how hard can it be? I bet there's even an app for the iphone that would help me in my task.

So, today we went to a boot fair for the first time in an age. After damaging a ligament in my knee five weeks ago, it's the first time I've felt able to. We got a huge haul of new games for Cara. The type that would have cost a small fortune had we bought them brand new! Amongst the lot was this

I can remember playing with something similar (maybe a different version) when I was little, so for the bargain price of 50p I snapped it up. Unfortunately, it didn't come with any pieces - just the shell of the post office. So, while Cara whittled away the hours today playing with her friends (we had a house full again!) I set about designing and making some resources for her. She now has an array of TV licences, car tax, insurance forms, savings booklets, paying in slips, cheques, special delivery forms and stamps. She and her friend spent some time playing with it.

She is now having some wind down time in her room before bed and is happily playing away.

She just said to me "Are we going on holiday tomorrow?" I replied "No sweetheart, I've got to go to work" "can't you cancel it?" she asked. Wishful thinking!

Here she is on the bouncy castle this morning

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