Saturday, 27 February 2010

...and whoosh, they were gone!

This afternoon, Cara and I went to a local theatre to see a stage show of the classic children's story, Room on the Broom.


You can see a clip from the show on You Tube. The show lasted about an hour and it ran straight through without a break (much to Cara's disappointment for some reason!). It was just the right length for small people and with only 4 actors performing, I figure just the right length for them as well!

The day then got even better when the husband won a bet he had done on the football. He put £1 on 10 games. 1 game was cancelled, but he got the other 9 right, netting a tidy sum of £235 (although that one game bought this down from £495!)

Good day all round :-)

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  1. This spring we went to England for Wubby's birthday and discovered Julia Donaldson/Axel Sheffler. (Thanks to my brother in-law) Unfortunately, she is not as popular in the US so I have to special order her books. We just got Room on the Broom and Wub adores it.