Thursday, 24 June 2010


A few months ago, I spoke to someone at work about organising a trip for our Year 10 Public Services group. There are only 12 of them and she had a contact who could help organise a visit and a tour around RAF Odiham in Hampshire. "Not a problem" I told her "I'll drive the mini bus."

So, after much to'ing and fro'ing with dates, it was agreed we would go on Wednesday 23rd June. At the beginning of last week I was bragging to people that I have PPA on a Wednesday period 6, which meant I could leave school early and be home in time for the all important England match.

Until I realised it was the same day as the trip. Arrgggghhhhhh. It was one of those things that you agree to and then when it sneaks up on you, you kind of wonder why you did it.

Anyway, the day came. I spent 15 minutes trying to find the fuel cap to fill the mini bus up with diesel (thankfully no one else was there!) and then we spent 2 and a half hours driving from Kent to Hampshire.

The day was absolutely fantastic. We got to see and do so much - it was amazing.

First of all, we had a tour of the fire station and then they showed us a little demonstration. Then we saw some Chinooks take off. Then we had lunch. Then we went up the air traffic control tower and got to see all the radar. Then we saw where they train the dogs. Then we got to actually go in a Chinook. The students got to sit in the pilot seat - how cool is that (I could have done, but because of the dodgy knee, I was worried I'd get in and not get back out!)

(excuse the sweaty look - it WAS the second hottest day of the year so far and it was HOT in there!)

It took us an hour and forty five minutes to get back home, during which time, we couldn't get Five Live to tune in, so we couldn't even listen to the football. We pulled into school just as the game finished! At least England won though, so we can all see the game on Sunday.

Then.....last night, we had Cara's primary school introduction. I welled up a few times while they were talking. My baby is all growed up! Where has all that time gone? Anyway - today, I am shattered. Think all that driving is catching up with me!!

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a trip. Having boys i'm used to looking around trains, aircraft, ships, castles and all that stuff. I would deffinately have enjoyed your trip too.

    X X