Sunday, 21 February 2010

Too long

Yes, yes....I'm a terrible blogger. I know. I didn't even really decide to take a break, it's just something that happened really.

I went back to work after the summer holiday in September and that first term till Christmas is always the worst. It's like being on a rollercoaster that shows no signs of slowing down or stopping. Winter then came. Boo. I seriously hate winter. I don't know what it is, I just seem to always hit a dark patch.

So, what's been happening?
1. We have a new addition to the household. A hamster called Honey. We got her just before Christmas. She is seriously cute.
2. Christmas. Cara gave up her dummies. Yay. She did a fantastic job. Put them in the special bag for Father Christmas who transformed them magically into a pink Nintendo DS and that was it. She has probably asked for one about 4 times - always when she is tired. I just tell her she doesn't have a dummy any more and that is it.
3. Birthday. Cara turned 4 in January. It was lovely. She had a party with her friends at soft play on the Sunday and then on the Monday (her actual birthday), H and I collected her from pre-school, we all went out for dinner and when we got home she opened her presets. It was lovely.

This week has been half term and we've had a lovely week together. I think it was a few things that happened this week and little things she said that made me want to log them and blog again.

Monday - we went to the cinema. We saw The Princess and the Frog. It was really enjoyable and she was a pleasure to be with.

Tuesday - I had my hair cut and then my mum watched Cara while I did some marking. We then went out for lunch. When we got home Cara and I made cakes. "Good work partner" she told me when we had finished, giving me a high 5 in the process!

Wednesday - We had a bit of a running about day. It started with Cara having her hair trimmed at the hairdressers. She sobbed. She then had a doctor's appointment because she has yet another cough (she has had three lots of antibiotics in the past 3 months). He referred her for a chest x-ray - she we went up to the hospital. She got a little teary on the way, but when we got there she was an absolute star. The radiographers were fantastic with her - she had her x-ray and then they showed it to her on the screen. We then went to my aunts house where my mum and all of her sisters (5 of them) met up. We spent the afternoon with them.

Thursday - we had planned to go and see a colleague from work who went on maternity leave at Christmas. The baby was due next week but we got a text message cancelling as she had the baby! Instead, we went out for lunch with my parents and then popped to Bluewater for a little bit of shopping.

Friday - we went bowling and then to Pizza Hut for lunch. She beat me at bowling and it wasn't even as though I let her! The shame. We then went to my parent's and then my mum and I took Cara and my neices swimming. They were exhausted afterwards and spent the afternoon playing really nicely together.

And that was the week. Phew.
Hopefully I won't leave it so long next time.

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