Sunday, 15 August 2010

I had a bit of a brainwave!

My husband has a t-shirt with a cartoon image of the A-Team on it. He loves it and wears it a lot. As a result, it is beginning to look worn and also has a tiny hole on it. I had a brain wave a little while ago, that we could get some iron on transfers from ebay, buy cheap t-shirts and voila, he would have lots of new t-shirts. I bought one t-shirt a little while ago to test it and it worked, it was just a case of buying more t-shirts for him.

So...last night, I had a brain wave. Let's do some for Cara. I was looking on ebay at the transfers - £1 each. Which isn't too bad, but then I thought...maybe I could do those as well.

Cue a trip to Staples to buy the paper and then a trip to Primark to look for bargain t-shirts. Bargain t-shirts they were. They were on sale for £1 for two - one white and one pink. Perfect. So I've had a busy afternoon and now Cara has lots of novel t-shirts to wear.


  1. Aw so cute! What a wonderful idea! Great bargains too! Well done xx

  2. Oh, I forgot to do you make your own iron-on transfers? Thanks! xx