Saturday, 21 August 2010

Cousins together

Cara's cousins came to play today and we had a lovely day. Sometimes, if they spend too long together, they get to the point where they start to bicker, so I made sure we got out and about, not giving them much time to bicker.

We started off with a walk to the local library. Then we called in Tesco to get something for lunch. When we got home, they had lunch. Then they played in the garden for a while, then we went to the Strand, a local play area. Despite the fact it's August and therefore Summer, it wasn't exactly too warm. They didn't seem at all bothered though and loved the paddling pool. Cara was the only one to get wet. She bent down to scoop up some water to throw and in doing so, dipped her bottom in the water. Cue soaking wet shorts. She was pleased though as she got to sit on the towel on the way home!

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