Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Family time

Yesterday, H had the car, so he picked Cara up from my mums and then came and picked me up from work. Cara fell asleep in the car before they even reached school, so when we got home, I carried her in and put her to bed. I wasn't too far behind, going to sleep at about 5.20pm. The end of year exhaustion is setting in.

Cara woke up at about 7pm, so I sent her downstairs to H. He then took her and Buzz to a little club we are members of. They got in at about 9.30pm - I found out today that Cara walked all the way there and back - for the child who is so lazy it is unreal, this was a real achievement for her. Anyway - in the club, they have a machine of 50p cards - put 50p in, get a card out. It has 5 strips on, which you peel back. If you match 3, you win anything from 50p to £200. So...Cara asked H if she was allowed one. He bought her it, she peeled back the first one and said, "Daddy, I've won." He looked. She had won. £200. He couldn't believe it! Lord knows that at the moment, with H out of work and nothing coming up anytime soon, it was well received!

So, today, I managed to stay up beyond 5.20pm and we had some family time playing games (all four of us - the dog included!). First of all, we played a Moving House game - Cara won. Then we played a game I had when I was little - Rings on Your Fingers. She won again. It's not even as though we LET her win.

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